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Arizona City Name List

This is the list of Cities in Arizona. The zip code, county and city are displayed in the list. You can click the City Name to get 5-digit zip code and 5-digit plus 4 zip code.

The primary city name as designated by the United States Postal Service. The USPS designates cities in all uppercase (ie. NEW YORK). The Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located.

CountyCityZIP Code
Maricopa CountyAGUILA85320
Pima CountyAJO85321
Apache CountyALPINE85920
Pima CountyAMADO85645
Maricopa CountyANTHEM85086
Pinal CountyAPACHE JUNCTION85117
Pima CountyARIVACA85601
Pinal CountyARIZONA CITY85123
Maricopa CountyARLINGTON85322
Yavapai CountyASH FORK86320
Maricopa CountyAVONDALE85323
Yavapai CountyBAGDAD86321
Pinal CountyBAPCHULE85121
Mohave CountyBEAVER DAM86432
Coconino CountyBELLEMONT86015
Cochise CountyBENSON85602
Cochise CountyBISBEE85603
Yavapai CountyBLACK CANYON CITY85324
Greenlee CountyBLUE85922
Navajo CountyBLUE GAP86520
La Paz CountyBOUSE85325
Cochise CountyBOWIE85605
Maricopa CountyBUCKEYE85326
Mohave CountyBULLHEAD CITY86429
Graham CountyBYLAS85530
Coconino CountyCAMERON86020
Yavapai CountyCAMP VERDE86322
Coconino CountyCANE BEDS86022
Maricopa CountyCAREFREE85377
Pinal CountyCASA GRANDE85122
Maricopa CountyCASHION85329
Pima CountyCATALINA85738
Maricopa CountyCAVE CREEK85327
Graham CountyCENTRAL85531
Apache CountyCHAMBERS86502
Maricopa CountyCHANDLER85224
Maricopa CountyCHANDLER HEIGHTS85127
Apache CountyCHINLE86503
Yavapai CountyCHINO VALLEY86323
Mohave CountyCHLORIDE86431
Navajo CountyCIBECUE85911
La Paz CountyCIBOLA85328
Yavapai CountyCLARKDALE86324
Navajo CountyCLAY SPRINGS85923
Gila CountyCLAYPOOL85532
Greenlee CountyCLIFTON85533
Cochise CountyCOCHISE85606
Mohave CountyCOLORADO CITY86021
Apache CountyCONCHO85924
Yavapai CountyCONGRESS85332
Pinal CountyCOOLIDGE85128
Yavapai CountyCORNVILLE86325
Pima CountyCORONA85641
Pima CountyCORONA DE TUCSON85641
Pima CountyCORTARO85652
Yavapai CountyCOTTONWOOD86326
Yavapai CountyCROWN KING86343
Maricopa CountyDATELAND85333
Apache CountyDENNEHOTSO86535
Maricopa CountyDESERT HILLS85086
Yavapai CountyDEWEY86327
Mohave CountyDOLAN SPRINGS86441
Cochise CountyDOUGLAS85607
Cochise CountyDRAGOON85609
Greenlee CountyDUNCAN85534
Apache CountyEAGAR85925
Graham CountyEDEN85535
La Paz CountyEHRENBERG85334
Maricopa CountyEL MIRAGE85335
Cochise CountyELFRIDA85610
Cochise CountyELGIN85611
Pinal CountyELOY85131
Coconino CountyFLAGSTAFF86001
Pinal CountyFLORENCE85132
Coconino CountyFOREST LAKES85931
Navajo CountyFORT APACHE85926
Apache CountyFORT DEFIANCE86504
Cochise CountyFORT HUACHUCA85613
Maricopa CountyFORT MCDOWELL85264